Thursday, June 26, 2014

Anime: Yami Shibai For Horror Lovers

This is a short post.

I know I have been "away" for a very long time. My bad. I felt guilty after abandoned my blog for a few months. Gosh, i guess my passion toward blogging is wearing out. Phew. 

Yami Shibai

If you LOVE horror flicks, then you come at the right place! Yea! Okay. *I am trying to be excited here.* 
Yami Shibai, a 13 episodes of Japanese Horror series. Each episodes is only 5-10 minutes long so if you are not a really an anime fan, you can still bear with this short length anime series.

My Verdict? 
It is pretty much scary and scare the beejezus out of me especially with the creepy soundtrack played in the background and the pop up ghost image on the screen. Like this image below.

Jeez. Bear with the hand drawn alike characters throughout the series, It might not give you the good impression at first but it still gives you creep yet entertaining.

I don't know why but Japanese Horror and Thailand ghost always excite me but this definitely trigger my excitement towards the horror genre type of movie/clips :D

Here's a screenshots of episode 4 - about a woman who encounter a haunted photocopied machine (?)

My Expression. 

Credit to : thepoetinhisheart (Tumblr) and whatshouldwecallsocialmedia

So, if you want to watch it, here's the link to watch it ->

By the way, Yami Shibai Season is coming out at July 6, 2014!

Ciao! And have fun watching!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo @ Viva Home Mall is Overrated?

Disclaimer: This is a rant post.

I am pretty sure that you have heard before the Doraemon Expo! Wee! It is a great news for Doraemon Fans! It is a great place to reminisce some childhood memories! Hooray! 

Doraemon ride on the Time Machine that placed on the front exhibition.

The Original Doraemon. 

Okay. I guess I have to stop you here before any disappointment strikes you down.

I am just like the another happy kid, wanting to meet my idol, Doraemon. Don't laugh. I am truly love Doraemon from the bottom of my heart. (Sound exaggerating, right? Im not.) So I thought spending my quality time with my friend to the Doraemon Expo. But unfortunately, I put my expectation a little too high.

Everything is wrong once I step in the Doraemon Expo. 

1. The description of how Doraemon became blue is right behind the Doraemon's figure. 

The Doraemon figure is totally in the wrong placement. Where got people placed the figure RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DESCRIPTION ONE? WHICH GRANDFATHER TEACH YOU? Sigh.
The only way that you could read it is to move your body to right close beside the Doraemon's figure and this cause the unhappiness for those people who would like to take picture with.

2. There are too many people taking pictures. This annoyed me whenever I tried to read description of the items that Doraemon is holding and right second I am reading it and there is someone said "Excuse me?" Every single f*cking time.

A whole bunch of people taking pictures which makes me wondered, did anyone read up the description? And will anyone flip through back the pictures that they took? They are over 100 Doraemon figures in the expo. and there are people that take pictures with th 100 figures. I wonder lah.

The moral of the story: Don't go there on weekends.

3. Some of the description of the Doraemon items are sad. It is just a brief description without the items' name.

The management can do better if they include the comic strip where the Doraemon or Nobita uses the item or explain more details about it. That is why it called the Doraemon expo right? But I guess they are too lazy to do this.

4. The Extremely No Brainer Part of Exhibition.

I just don't understand why must they put chinese language to describe the manuscript? Does the management thinks that only Chinese people read Doraemon? And if they do think that way, they think all Chinese knows Chinese language well ah?  *speechless*

The place where they displayed the Fujiko Fujio's (Doraemon's creator) manuscript.   

Okay I think I need to stop ranting here. There are too many things to rant about this Expo. Don't get me started on the mass produced, overpriced Doraemon merchandise. =_=

But...the only thing that worth seeing is the Doraemon statues with different kinds of expression that makes you smile and feel nostalgic at the same time. :) Here are the some pictures of Doraemon in the exhibition.


Do you notice something wrong with the picture? 

This kid was left sleeping alone on the baby trolley while the family taking pictures. I kesian the kid.

If you are really a true Doraemon fan, hurry up before this month ends. However, do not put high expectation on this event. 

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo,
Viva Home Mall, 85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur.
Starts from 14 December 2013 to 23 March 2014, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
Adult RM 25, child RM 15, free entry for children below 3 years old (90 cm), senior citizens over 60 years old and OKU.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two Languages in Doraemon comic?

Doraemon comic books are getting rare nowadays. Well, you probably see it around Popular Bookstores only but it will be soon gone in the matter of times. Especially, the ones with the Cerita Panjang Doraemon. I was just wandered around in Popular one day, I noticed that there is English version of Doraemon! If you are hardcore fan of Doraemon, I bet you know what is the cost for a English Doraemon which cost around RM30 - RM50. And why it is so expensive? Because it is imported from US and plus, their translation is way better than local ones.

So I flip through the book, and I found this.

Why bother to have two languages in Doraemon comic book when there is Malay version of Doraemon? Using comic books to teach the young ones learning English? Wah, I'm surprise. Well, it is not a bad thing. I think? 

Back in days, I bet every mom will tell their kids that comics are bad for the brain and eventually we will failed all paper. =_=

I still don't get this logic.

  Nope, Mom. I am still surviving in this world with full of crooks and backstabbers, MOM!

But two languages in a comic book is just weird. Just plain weird.  

If you are a fan of Doraemon, hurry up and collect all the 45 volume before its gone forever from the shelves. (Only applicable in Malaysia) HAHAHA.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Trip to Singapore - S.E.A. Aquarium!

Hello Hello!It's been long time that I did not blog about anything. HAHAHA. *wind blowing* Yes, I have been saying over the same thing for the past months. *speechless* I'm guilty. Let's get back to the real topic!

I went to Singapore for the second time for the entire life! *being super jakun* This time, we went to the S.E.A. Aquarium, the world largest aquarium given the title by the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. Sound amazing huh?

I have been to the Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia and to cut long story short, I was deeply dumbfounded by it. It doesn't give the "WOW" effect once you step in and there are not much to see in I hate to say this...but don't go for the Aquaria KLCC.

I am not going to write long length essay here, I'm going to brief on what I see in the S.E.A. Aquarium with pickchas!

I paid $38 for the entrance fees. If it converted to RM, it will be RM95 per entry. Kinda price-y though but hey, the largest Aquarium in the world wey!

Once step in, you feel that you are swimming with the fishes in the deep blue ocean! Okay, fine maybe I'm exaggerating but I feel that way lah!


When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim
Don't know what I'm talking about? Pheww. You must living in the ice age. O.O!

Watch this video, bro.

And NEMO! You know what, when everyone spotted this Common ClownFish, people will start shrieking 'IT'S NEMO!!!" Thanks to the Finding Nemo by Pixar, I am part of them now of the "trend". It's not a bad thing though.

Oh, it's the beautiful corals! 

And I saw Dolphin for the first time!

They love to swim upside down and they really love the attention from the humans! Apparenty there is a short course on swimming and communicating with Dolphin which can cost around RM300 -RM1K.

The Jelly Fishhhh. I feel calm when seeing them swimm. Bluupp Bluuupp

Coral Glows at Dark

The Puffy Fish!

The Lion Fish?

The Fugly Eel.

Sharks View from Bottom.

The Largest Aquarium Viewing Section. WOW.

Overall, I found that this attraction is worth paying every cent.You can somehow experience being underwater with all the fishes/sharks *gasp!* However, do take note about this, do not go this attraction on weekend. It will be like the underwater pasar malam . My goodness. All the aunties was busy chit chating about the fishes and how to cook fishes with ingredients. =_=! Talking about wrong timing. 

I think that's about it lah! I shall go back to discuss important matters to my negotiators.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dad's priceless expression after son getting "C" for Math!

This is SHORT post.

Watch this video!

I am touched by the dad's priceless expression when he see his son's math results.I am pretty sure if any person make his/her dad cried for any happy reason/occasion, that person will definitely cry like no other business. O.O! However, this situation is not applicable in Malaysia. =_=!

Asian Version

 If I am in his shoes, I probably get beaten up by my dad. O.O! (Note: This is illustration purpose only. Don't take it seriously!)


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Friends are Monetary Benefits?

Have you encounter before this situation?

Friend: Eh I have this product. Damn good wey. If you buy, your skin will sparks like Edward Cullen wey!
Me: Err it's okay lah. My skin is fair enough. *awkward laugh*
Friend: Fair never enough, right? Try lah! You will never regret oneee!
Me: Nevermind lah. I am really happy with my skin.
Friend: Aiyah, you don't believe me is it? I give you 20% discount! Friend, friend price!
Me: I don't really need it. really. *awkward laugh*
Friend: Eh really don't want? The ingredients of this product is all organic one PLUS GOT GINSENG! This product got certified one! Guarantee works! *And keeps talking about the product*

My Expression.

This situation is clearly making me extremely uncomfortable. I don't know about you guys but honestly I am offended when someone pushing me on purchasing something I don't want. That's include insurance packages. There is one time that my "long lost" friend ask me to hang out with him but then it turns out that he has the ulterior motive which its promoting her best selling items. *Heave a long sigh* 

And worst real life case scenario which happened on my friend, a friend of hers came to her doorstep persuading/forcing her to buy the so-called healthy product after failing to reach her via mail/phone/sms.

Of course, I didnt mean that all insurance agent / direct sales agent are blood sucker. Somehow, there are people with good soul not forcing a person to buy their stuffs.

Somehow I have been wondering, people do go to the extend to take advantages of her/his friend for his/her benefits.

So my question, is commission worth more than friendship?

If there is anyone out there doing this to me, I will rather cut off friendship ties with them.

What is the point?  Am I right?

Geez. Money is roots of all evil. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Weird Encounters in the LRT (Malaysia)

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the EXTREME long HIATUS. GOMEN! I was busy...*pause* Ok fine I was slacking around and just rolling down on my bed like no other business. And plus, as you know guys I am working already! I shall not reveal where I work. I will try my best to keep myself low profile as possible.

Secondly, If you notice I have change my blog layout! Okay, I am probably not the top blogger like beautifulnara but hey everyone needs a new fresh look right?

Let's begin with my weird stories in LRT *JENG JENG JENG* 

I took LRT often to everywhere. I really find it convenient and easily got headache with the unavoidable jam in Kuala Lumpur. But the bad thing about taking LRT is that there are HIGHER chances of you dealing/encounter with people.

Disclaimer: It is not a Horror story and there are no pictures. This post will be full of words. So yeap, it is going to be boring.

The Dangerous Man.

This story took place last year. I was with my colleague heading back to office. While we were in the train heading back to Bukit Nanas, there is a man bring out a knife and starts praying in the train. O.O! WTF? Some sort of sacrifice ceremony happening is it?! Of course like other human being, I was panic and ran out from the train. Before he starts to hurt people, the police immediately came to the rescue to stop the man from doing anything dangerous that could harm people. From this incident, there is one thing I learn is that my colleague will the first to save his/her ass without telling her other colleague. So in another word is If I die, it doesn't matter. *roll eyes*

The Creepy Old Man.

This ones happened this year. There is an old man sat beside me in the LRT and I noticed that he kept taking pictures in the LRT. And of course I'm being the busybody person, I noticed that the pictures that he took is the girls in the train. =_=! He zoomed in on the girls' boobs and start grabbing his crotch. Oh Fuck My Life. He was literally doing that beside me! The worst part is he was looking at me with the perverted look while grabbing the crotch. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MUST I FACE THIS, GODDD? I quickly got from the LRT and took another train. fml again.

The One that never bath for Thousand Years.

The title explains everything. I bet everybody met this type of person in the LRT. The ones I met has HORRIBLE TERRIBLE AND SOME SAID TIMETABLE (yea, I know it is not related) odor. He was just a few steps away from me, and I could smell some dead animal odor from him. I thought "Hey, I still can tolerant this smell" and I just ignore it. But then more people comes in to the train, he came nearer to me to give some space to people and the odor GETS STRONGER AND HORRRIBLE. The smells is like cockroach fart smell+ sweat smell+bit sweet smell. O.O wtf? My soul almost reached to the nirvana. I almost puke in the train so do the people who are close to him and of course I didn't died. If I died, then who is the ones that writing this "awesome" story? Next time, I should bring air refresher, just in case.

The Mystery Ones

This ones still puzzle me now. I don't know why but here's goes the story. It just happened last month. I was on the way to work from Kelana Jaya. So I was taking a quick nap before reaching my stop. Then, just about reaching my stop, an old man wake me up and ask me "This is your stop, right? Hurry up before it closes or you will be late for work." Immediately, I rushed out before the door closes and the train moved according to the schedule. My mind was still in "lala land" that time. A few minutes later, come to my realization that how that person know that I want to got off at this stop? *x-files theme song*  I was wearing a casual attire that time. *speechless*

The Ones who is high with Drug (I assume lah)

This ones happened last year National Day. This bunch of kids was fooling around in the train. One of them is stoned and kept puking white foam from the mouth. His friends was laughing at him, kept telling him "Pukimak la u, ini pun u tak tahan, bodoh bangang" Translation: Motherfucker, you can't even stand this, lame. (Something rude lah) And the friends kept banging his head hardly on the window and he does not respond to any of his misbehave friends. Nobody in the train stops them. This is most awkward moment in the LRT that I have encounter.  In conclusion, if something bad to you, don't expect too much from Malaysian. That is fact.

There are a lot of weird encounters that I faced in the LRT but I dont't really remember anymore. Anyway, please do take care when you are taking the public transportation in Malaysia.